Program and Project Management in Lorton, VA

Transform your emerging company into the business of tomorrow with our proven approach to program and project management in Lorton, VA. Whether you are at the helm of a new commercial enterprise or and established government agency, our detail-oriented consultants have something to offer you.

Our adaptable approach to business improvement consulting is a wise investment for your stakeholders when you consider the potential for increased cost-savings and greater flexibility. When you have the ability to plan for the future, and prepare your employees for new opportunities, you are sure to separate your group from the rest of the competition.

Deploy your organizational resources in the most efficient way possible with our proven approach to change management and business revitalization. With a streamlined business, you can manage multiple, interrelated projects across a varied group of departments. When you have a defined strategy and a sense of direction for your business, you can allocate resources smartly and efficiently.

Core Business Services

Tell us more about the specific challenges you face, and let us put together a plan that includes any number of our core business services. Once we have completed a full analysis of your operations, and we have identified the primary obstacles to your success, a plan to achieve your goals can be established.

Business Process Re-engineering

We use a management approach aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness of existing processes within and across organizations. We look at your business processes from an unbiased point of view and determine how to best construct processes to improve how business is conducted.

Quality Management System

We provide ISO 9001 training which appeals to all learning styles, enhances student learning experiences and achieves a better level of understanding at the end of the course. All courses are available in public or on-site at your organization. We also help organizations with ISO 9001 implementation support using a process oriented quality management system (QMS) approach, which provides a structure for process control, defect prevention, reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain, continual improvement and effectively meeting customer requirements.

Strategic Planning

Working with you, we brainstorm and develop strategies for your future mission and vision. We help you define strategy, or direction, which allows you to make better business decisions on allocating resources to pursue your strategy.

Certification Development and Assessment

Law firms and banking clients must continually stay informed of changes to the law and emerging trends in the financial services industry. Securing and maintaining various certifications may be a vital part of your business, and this process can be fraught with complications. Our certification staff has more than 20 years of experience with program development and testing. We are prepared to manage your exam application processing and test administration. This also includes reviews and the processing of recertification applications.

Protect the investment you are making in this developmental process by choosing a team that understands earned value management. This approach allows us to measure the performance of everything we do for your organization. The business process reengineering we deploy for your group includes strategic planning for emerging trends and possible emergencies.

Build a company that is prepared to capitalize on fleeting trends and opportunities with our business continuity planning and disaster recovery process. Our collaborative approach provides you with a plan that partially or completely restores vital and critical functions within a time frame that you predetermine. Your employees will be ready to snap into action and resume business operations with our policies and procedures.

A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Our approach to change management may involve an investment on the part of your business. But any consideration of the possible cost-savings involved with this process makes the value of this approach clear. Any quality management system you make an investment in must produce verifiable returns.

Minimizing Organizational Risk

We provide ISO 9001 implementation support using a process oriented quality management system (QMS) approach, which provides a structure for process control, defect prevention, reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain, continual improvement, all while effectively meeting customer requirements.

Our enterprise risk management process includes the essential legal writing and analysis that your organization may not be capable of producing in-house. If you deal regularly with the GSA as a private entity or a government client, our experience with federal real property management can make a big difference in the efficiency of your supply chain.


Contact us today for strategic program and project management that is tailored to your specific business needs. We proudly serve clients in Lorton and surrounding communities throughout Northern Virginia.